Net66 SEO: Happy Summer Solstice

As Britons we love the sun. Being on the British Isles however it seems we rarely see it but today we see the sun for longer than any other day in the year with today being the summer Solstice. Every year the tilt of the Earth’s axis thrusts us closer to the sun and now we’ve reached as far as we can go. We now proceed with every day the sun sticks around for less and less time. Minuscule amounts of time to be fair, but soon enough it’ll be Christmas.

Google celebrated this glorious day by putting up a lovely Google Doodle of people in a swimming pool adorned with Google coloured hats.


Einstein states that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction and in this case it’s true. As the Northern Hemisphere enjoys the most sun, the Southern Hemisphere has it’s day with the shortest amount of daylight. Google also celebrated this date with another Google Doodle. This time depicting a pair of hands knitting a scarf.


Which Doodle do you prefer?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey