Net66: Snapchat Functionality Favourite Isn’t a Snap or a Chat.

Almost everyone has heard of Snapchat. It first came to prominence as people used it to send pictures to their friends that would show for a few seconds and disappear.

It gained a lot of bad press after a while as people who were sending particularly private pictures thought they were meant to be temporary and deleted, but were actually stored. This led to a lot of embarrassing pictures getting leaked online and Snapchat’s name was mud.

Since then it has redeemed itself with a much more secure system and actually making the snaps temporary.

With more and more people using this app, its most popular feature has stopped being snaps and moved into longer lasting and feature filled “Stories” part of the app.

A story is different to the rest of the app as it is a group of pictures that you can upload and share for up to 24 hours with all of your friends on Snapchat. As well as people who follow you.

And now Snapchat have released a video promoting the feature. Take a look at it below:

Blog Post by: Greg McVey