Net66: Tripping Google’s Spam Filter – Things to Avoid

I’ve mentioned how to grab Google’s attention before. It’s not a good idea if you want to rank your site but Google is alerted to your site for a bad reason.

Here are some top tips on how NOT to trigger Google’s Spam Filter:

> DON’T register a domain with a trademarked name or phrase in it. Profiting from misdirected search traffic isn’t ethical and will do you no favours in the eyes of Google.

> DON’T register a misspelling of a popular domain, especially an industry rival as this also looks dodgy and will cause Google to take a closer look at your practices.

> DON’T send out a stream of pings to various servers in an attempt to convince them you have new content when you don’t.

> DON’T use the same title tag for an inordinate amount of pages. Also don’t use irrelevant or misrepresentative title tags.

> DON’T buy domains with a history of high traffic and redirect them to affiliate marketing pages.

> DON’T Participate in link farms or a free for all link exchange

Follow the above tips and Google won’t be feeling the need to investigate your online practices.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey