Net66 Video Blog: Google’s Rivals and Other, Lesser Known Search Engines


Today, we’re going to talk about some Lesser known search engines. We all know Google is the king of the pack when it comes to searching online. From products to local services, and general knowledge, and everything in between, the world uses Google to search. However, you may be a bit surprised to know that not everyone uses Google all the time. In fact, there are other search engines out there too. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Bing is the number two search engine in the US. Owned by the creator of the Windows operating system, Microsoft, and previously known as Live Search,¬†Windows Live Search, and¬†MSN Search, Bing is a serious contender when it comes to online search. And has been steadily increasing search quality in recent years, and is often considered to be the biggest threat to Google’s dominance of the search industry. It has a user friendly interface, and is particularly renowned for local and video searches. Bing also powers all Yahoo searches, after a deal between the two companies.

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is another, now serious, contender. Often taken lightly in previous years, partially due to the whimsical name, Duck Duck Go has now made a name for its self when it comes to online search privacy. The search engine states that it does not store a user’s data when it comes to online search. In fact, online search privacy is Duck Duck Go’s unique selling proposition. It has recently made significant changes to its user interface and added new features, such as image search and auto suggest.

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Blog Post by: Greg McVey