Net66 Video Blog: How to Build Links Through Infographics and Guest Blogs [Video]

In this day and age the world is full of information on how NOT to link build. Today, we discuss how to link build in our above video blog. See our transcript below:

Link building is a great way to show the search engines that other websites consider your website worthy of mention or endorsement. Today, we’re going to take a look at some popular link building methods, or channels as we like to call them.

First, let’s talk about infographics. Infographics are visual representations that help you quickly make sense of large or important sets of data. The graphics take advantage of human’s innate receptiveness to visual cues and patterns, using shapes and colours to quickly convey hat could otherwise involve large amounts of text.

Infographics by their very nature are designed to be so attractive that they have a high propensity to go viral. and can be shared across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. People are naturally compelled to link toward these data visualisations as they share between their friends.

Guest bog posts are another popular link building channel. These involve building relationships within your industry or business niche, and placing high quality content or blog posts to create value through content partnerships.

These guest blog posts can the harbour a link to your website, creating an endorsement from the hosting website towards yours.

Guest blog posts are a very natural way of link building, as they mimic the natural business and person to person relationships of the real world.

Quality link building when performed organically and synergistically creates a natural and authoritative link profile, signalling to the search engines that your website is worth linking to and ultimately ranking in the search results.

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Blog Post by: Greg McVey