Net66 Video Blog: OK Google – Google’s Voice Search

Voice search and voice commands have long been a “thing” on devices, but ever since Apple’s Siri, they’ve been thrown into the limelight and there are more and more companies releasing apps and devices controlled by voice.

Take Google’s OK Google for instance. Simply by speaking “OK Google” you can then get your device to play music, call contacts or simply run an internet search.

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Today, we’re going to be talking about OK Google. Or, non-text search. Google already has a desktop and Android app enabling you to upload images, and search matching images and documents. Now, Google also has a new and improved voice search capability.

From now on, all Android Kit Kat powered devices will respond to the hotword OK Google.

You can also call it from other applications. If you’re reading your email, browsing the web or using any app that doesn’t actively use the microphone, saying “Ok Google” will quickly power Google search and get you answers quickly.

You can also take other actions like setting an alarm, or calling someone in your phonebook.
In fact, you can even operate OK Google from the lock screen. This marks Google’s foray into more holistic search.

Voice control/search will soon be the primary way that users interact with Android devices, especially as the operating system expands into cars, onto wrists and on TV sets.
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