Twitter launches Small Business Guide

At Net66, we take small business marketing very seriously. Small businesses make up the vast majority of businesses in the world, and the online arena provides them significant opportunities to compete in their own particular niche. Such marketing activities can include search engine optimisation, and social media marketing. Sometimes, one can contribute to the other.

We have now learnt that Twitter has created a special guide for small business marketing. The guide is actually built as a quite informative interactive infographic. This means you can interact with the graphical options on display, and it will respond accordingly. The guide is built so that you can learn at your own pace, depending on your level of experience with micro-blogging or social media marketing.

Sections include “I don’t get Twitter”, “I get Twitter but need to create a strategy”, and “I know Twitter basics but want to take my marketing to the next level”.

Each section is designed to boost your level of knowledge about Twitter marketing at your own pace and expertise. For example, the first level includes such information as what a hashtag is, what a retweet is, and so on. The second level tells you such things as how to build a content calendar, and using tweeting templates to create better tweets. Finally, the most advanced level tells you how to buy and use Twitter ads, and how to measure your performance.