Reputation as a Variable in SEO [Video Blog]

We all know about on-site and off-site SEO. Today we’re going to talk about a lesser known variable in SEO: Reputation. What is reputation? In real life, reputation refers to the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about an entity or person.

When it comes to search marketing, on-site and off-site optimisation are really all about building your reputation. Think of the online world as a mirror of the real world. Links toward a website actually result from reputation. In this way, links are a by product of better reputation, not the goal.

You are defined by the company you keep. This is especially true online, and search engines go to great lengths to understand your company and associates to get a better idea of what you’re about.
Reputation can be traced from both website mentions of your brand, links to you, or social media signals talking about you.

There is a difference between acting good and actually being good. In the real world, we can usually sense who’s genuine and who’s faking it. Search engines are now getting better and better at differentiating between genuinely good sites and those that are trying to look good.

So what can we do to stay ahead in the game? Well, for one thing, we can be really good at what we claim to be doing, or selling. Genuine competence will win out in the end. Professional help will always provide you with significant advantage, however, and good SEO consultancy will help you stay ahead of the game. Keep watching Net66.