Net66: Chuckie Links Games Launches as a Follow Up to Donkey Cutts

Earlier this year, way back in February actually, launched Donkey Cutts. This was a game aimed at making light the perils and pitfalls of SEO as well as boosting the profile of NetVoucherCodes (a cunning tactic).

It was a huge success and a lot of people played it for a very long time. Now that Google Penguin 3.0 is rolling out, the follow up Donkey Cutts this time places onus on cleaning up your bad links.

Little link symbols are scattered around your screen and you have to pick them up and move them to either the Disavow Terminal in the top right of the screen, or to the Webmaster in the bottom left of the screen who’ll disavow it for you.

You have to disavow 20 links before the Penguin update refreshes otherwise it’s game over. Have a go at the game yourself:

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Blog Post by: Greg McVey