Net66 SEO: Content Marketing – Beginners Guide to Failure

Content Marketing DontsThere’s been so much content generated and shared on the web ever since the veritable Krakatoa of Content Marketing. Everyone was in a rush to produce much more content, very quickly. As a result, people concentrated more on the quantity of material that was going through their website as opposed to the quality.

In fact, a recent video resignation went viral with the worker in question being unhappy with her working conditions. Ironically this person worked creating viral videos and succeeded with their final contribution.

Before you get to that stage though, you need to avoid these common pitfalls:

> Not Being Yourself. Writing a blog is different to writing a piece of content for a web page. As a blog writer you get to humanise yourself so don’t be afraid to show your personality off a little. People identify with people. If you’re just a another faceless company interested in people’s coffers than people themselves, it’s only going to go one way. But people reading a personalised blog can catch a glimpse of the people who want their business and could sway a decision.

> Bandwaggoning. By all means take a look around the blogosphere before you start writing and look for that piece of content that can help get the ball rolling for your own place. But don’t just rewrite it with your own words. Give your own opinion on the subject. You do have your own opinion don’t you? Good. Just checking. So use it, you might come across a post where they say a certain type of link is a bad link, and you might disagree, so write that down. People value honesty and if you’re simply regurgitating material, your posts won’t be valued.

> Buzz Words. They still work to a degree, but mostly in house. Most people find themselves reacting adversely to buzz words as they can sometimes feel like sales words and no body likes being sold to. Limit them if you can and only use them when no other words will do.

These tips won’t make you a content marketing guru (buzzword) overnight. But they will definitely set you on your way.

Blog Post by Greg McVey