Net66 Video Blog: Take a look at Google’s Easter Eggs

Google have long had a good sense of humour. They offer tons of “extra” services that many companies don’t. For example they add topical features that pop up at the right time.

These bonus features are usually hidden but can be discovered. Termed as “Easter Eggs”, because you have to hunt for them, these bonus features are always a bit of fun. Just like the Atari game you can play on Google Images.

See what else you can do with Google’s Easter Eggs on our Video Below:


Hi Everyone, It’s Easter time! If you don’t have time for a real easter egg hunt, fear not! Did you know Google is more than a Search Engine? Yes it is also an easter egg factory.

You Don’t believe me? Well you can see for yourself. Google has created some very enjoyable easter eggs for you.

Let’s take a look at some of Google’s Easter eggs:

Blink HTML – this is a play on the HTML blink tag. Just type in Blink HTML into Google, and watch the search results page blink at you!

Want more HTML goodies? How about Marquee HTML. Just type in Marquee HTML, and watch Google’s text scroll across your page in a Marquee fashion

Feeling nostalgic? How about reliving the days of yore with Atari games? How about playing a game of Atari Breakout…just head on over to Google Images, and type in Atari Breakout. You can now play the age old game of the same name!

Feeling a bit more up to date? How about honing your starcraft skills, with Zerg Rush. Starcraft is a multiplayer strategy game created by Blizzard, and has a loyal following across the Internet. Well Google knows this, and has created an Easter egg for you Starcraft fans! Just type in Zerg Rush, and watch the little Zerglings eat up your bases that double as Google Search Results!

So now you too can have a super fun Easter, with your favourite search engine. What’s that? You’d rather have your website rank higher? Well for that, please do get in touch with Net 66.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey