Net66: Google+ Introduces a New View Count for Profiles [Image]

It has to be said now that Google+ is a proper Social Media player. It might not be up there with Twitter and Facebook just yet, but there’s definite promise. Plus, Google will eventually shoehorn their users into using it anyway.

Recently they merged together the comments on YouTube with Google+. They were prompting a lot of users who previously had no Plus profile to create one in order to let them comment on the videos they were watching.

A new feature that has launched recently now displays the number of views your profile has been viewed (6,806 thanks for asking). See how it looks below:


This does bring up a lot of questions. Including what constitutes a view. Thankfully one of Google’s resident techies has posted the following FAQ:

What does this number count? This is total views on your profile, your posts, your photos, and your videos.

What constitutes a “view?” For your profile, when someone goes to view your profile page. For other things, it’s when they look at it — e.g., when one of your posts shows up on someone’s screen. (That’s because this is how most people read posts: showing up in a stream, without clicking on it explicitly) Looking at your hovercard doesn’t count.

Is this related to +1’s, reshares, etc.? Only in that someone who +1’ed your post also probably saw it. You can already see counts for those on individual posts, etc., and before today you could see view counts for each photo if you looked carefully at the one-up view — now you can see that for everything.

If someone reshares my post, does that count? Yes, since a viewer is seeing your content. Ditto if someone sees your post through an “Alice +1’ed this,” through a post embedded on a page, or any other way that someone encounters it.

I don’t want to show this on my profile! You can hide this by going to your settings page. Go to and look for “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

This seems strange: Some people seem to have a lot more views relative to their number of followers than others. Is something broken? Not at all. Some people have a lot of followers but don’t engage with them well, while other people engage amazingly with a smaller group.

How many views has your profile got?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

The true power of social media: Oscars break twitter record!

We all know that the Oscars are the main awards for the TV and film industry but last night it also made social media history. The power of social media is exceptional, the potential audience you can target is mind blowing.

At the Oscars last night there was many famous people in the same room and a piece of social media brilliance by Ellen Degeneres sent twitter into chaos!

Just take a look at this epic selfie;

ellen degeneres tweet

As you can see there are many of the worlds biggest stars in one photo. But just look at the amount of retweets it gained. There was that much of a buzz about the tweet, that it caused Twitter to briefly crash!

Ellen broke the record for the most retweeted tweet which was previously held by the president of the United States, Mr Barack Obama;

barack obama tweet

This tweet was put just after Obama had been re-elected in 2012 and generated 781,635 retweets and 295,875 favourites.

This just goes to show the true power of social media for that many people to be talking about the same subject it is rather remarkable. The speed that it happens also, approximately 779,000 retweeted Ellen’s selfie tweet in just half an hour.

It reached the million landmark within an hour and history was made by everyone involved!

Social media is an extremely under used tool to share content and images in this instance, there are so many users for you to share with and great opportunities for you to go viral.

So try it out implement more social media in your campaigns, interact with your audience and deliver the answers or services they want!

Posted by Jordan Whitehead

Net66: Not 100% Happy with your LookBack Video on Facebook? You can Change It!

images-2This week Facebook turned a whopping 10 years old! Not that old really, but with Net66 also celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month, it is still something to be proud of.

Facebook celebrated their 10 years in the business with a few announcements. First of all, they released their new newsreader app called Paper. What this does is quite simple really. It takes all the content released by your favourite news outlets, and then adds it into one app where you can browse them all at your convenience.

The second and more widely celebrated announcement was their “Lookback” feature. A video a little over a minute long that goes shows images from your first moments on Facebook, your most liked status’ and what you’ve shared.

The feature proved very popular with thousands of people sharing their own lookback videos. If you wish to view your own all you need to do is log into Facebook and visit:

On the help page associated with the lookback videos there’s a line of text saying “Click Edit Your Movie below the Video Player”. Although there isn’t a button there at present, Facebook have announced that the feature will be released. Here’s a quote from one representative of Facebook:

We will be launching an Edit feature soon that will allow people to change moments in their movies or update the ones they shared. I don’t have exact timing at the moment, but this will enable people to remove a post from the movie that was pre-selected and change it to a different one

Good news then. Will you be changing your Lookback Movie?

Blog Post by Greg McVey

Net66: How Social Media has Grown [Infographic]

One Billion DollarsSocial Media is an absolute phenomenon at the moment. If you don’t believe me then you’re wrong, and i’ll give you an example.

When Facebook first floated itself on the stock market. The estimated value of Facebook, the biggest Social Media site, was set at $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars). Admittedly it’s IPO didn’t got massively well, but it has since recovered. Recovered enough in fact to purchase Instagram, a photography-based social media site made popular by its use of filter, for the same price of Facebook IPO’d for.

Hang on a minute. Facebook things an up and coming social media platform is worth as much as itself? Instagram must have been HUGE! It was, everybody used it and it easily mixed with other social media networks too, such as Twitter.

It’s been revealed recently as well that Facebook have offered Snapchat $3,000,000,000 for their company. Snapchat is an app where you can send an image/video of yourself to someone for a certain amount of time before it deletes itself. Facebook, who have seen teenage users depart for different social networks, are using their purchase of snapchat to bring back in teenagers. That is the idea anyway (theoretically).

But the idea of spending three times what your company was at one time worth shows how important Social Media is. See the below infographic on how Social Media has grown over the years. Thanks go to Search Engine Journal:


Blog Post by Greg McVey

Net66: Google Plus Could Start Charging for Vanity URLs

google-Plus-iconIt’s a strange concept but now a new one. As with everything you upload to Social Media sites, although you’re uploading your own content, as soon as it hits their servers they can do with it pretty much what they want.

Even if you own it, and especially if you have intellectual property rights on it, you give Facebook and all the companies they own the right to use it. Here’s an exerpt from their terms:

“you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License).”

So, unless you delete your content, Facebook can use it however they want. Even if they use it for their commercial gain and give you nothing, you’ve let them as you’ve agreed to their terms.

With Google Plus, they have equally totalitarian terms and conditions when it comes to their new custom URL feature. As we all know, URLs on Google+ aren’t the prettiest of things. For example, my own is:

Hardly a reference to myself. But now Google+ allows you to create custom URLs, but under their terms a copy of which is as follows:

“Google+ Custom URLs Terms of Use

When you claim and use a custom URL, you must follow the Google Terms of Service, the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy, and the Google+ Pages Additional Terms of Service (if applicable), and the following policies:

We reserve the right to reclaim custom URLs or remove them for any reason, and without notice.
Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them. However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first.
Don’t include words and phrases in your custom URL that would violate the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy
If you violate our policies or terms of service we may take a variety of actions, including suspending your access to Google+ and your use of custom URLs.”

I’ve highlighted the main issues here. Although you may think you’ve laid a claim to your new Google Plus URL, and you can then spend money promoting this and having it added to your website, business cards, flyers and other marketing items, Google can still strip you of it. Without warning or notice and for no reason, the injustice! Then, they have the cheek to ask you for money to get it back.

Of course this isn’t a tactic Google are likely to employ, I’m merely highlighting a worst case scenario. Still, it does give you pause for thought. Do you think Google will start charging for vanity URLs?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Creating the Social Media Pulse

So Google has made a load of changes recently, some of which were their biggest in the last 12 years!

Its been quite some 12 – 18 months, you could almost say that Google has completely revamped and the ball game has now changed when it comes to succeeding online.

But what do we make of this, is it now harder to rank on google, be seen and drive traffic to your website?

Well the answer is yes and no.

If you think your going to still be able to manipulate Google, by doing black hat or grey hat methods, then your going to be progressively disappointed. Google is smart, has been smart for the last 10 years, and is only ever going to get smarter, especially with the amount of resources it has at its disposal, so there’s only one way know to beat this Goliath and thats to play it at its own game.

What should you do to Make Google Happy?

Well before we answer that lets have a brief look into what the 3 main updates actually entail over the last year or two.


This one was all about content, if you had duplicate content on your website your gone!, if you had low quality poor content on your website your gone!


This update focused mainly on the backlinks you had going to your website. This was were most people would try and pull the wool over the eyes of Google, and sure they may have succeeded for a while, but inevitably Google pounced back and their backlinking algorithm now is very different to what it was before.


Now this is an interesting one, arguably the smallest update of the 3, but certainly one that has also reaped havoc in the world of online marketing and SEO.

So what is Hummingbird?

Well with the risk of over simplifying it, this update was all about the “user experience” if Google can be blamed for being obsessed with anything, then its definitely user experience.

In short,what is your user getting from your website when they visit it? What are you offering to them?

Do you provide quality content which is unique, do you offer a service; whether it be online or offline? Are you unique and original?

The Social Media Element

One of the good things about Hummingbird is that no matter how complicated and complex you may thing these updates are, it can be massively simplified, well.. to a degree.

What Google seems to have done now is take social media very much into consideration. You (the people) are the best algorithm that any computer or brain can come up with right now. If your on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linked In and your accounts are going bananas, then who is google to argue?

Don’t get me wrong, ranking on google and getting traffic isn’t just about being on Facebook etc. but its a box that no business can now leave, not tick it and be forgotten about.

By being social, by updating your account, by having others comment and get involved with what your doing, this is a great measuring stick for Google to go off, and being part of a good solid rounded SEO package will stand you in good stead for better rankings, more traffic and more sales and leads, now which business doesn’t want that?

Net66 SEO: Content Marketing – Beginners Guide to Failure

Content Marketing DontsThere’s been so much content generated and shared on the web ever since the veritable Krakatoa of Content Marketing. Everyone was in a rush to produce much more content, very quickly. As a result, people concentrated more on the quantity of material that was going through their website as opposed to the quality.

In fact, a recent video resignation went viral with the worker in question being unhappy with her working conditions. Ironically this person worked creating viral videos and succeeded with their final contribution.

Before you get to that stage though, you need to avoid these common pitfalls:

> Not Being Yourself. Writing a blog is different to writing a piece of content for a web page. As a blog writer you get to humanise yourself so don’t be afraid to show your personality off a little. People identify with people. If you’re just a another faceless company interested in people’s coffers than people themselves, it’s only going to go one way. But people reading a personalised blog can catch a glimpse of the people who want their business and could sway a decision.

> Bandwaggoning. By all means take a look around the blogosphere before you start writing and look for that piece of content that can help get the ball rolling for your own place. But don’t just rewrite it with your own words. Give your own opinion on the subject. You do have your own opinion don’t you? Good. Just checking. So use it, you might come across a post where they say a certain type of link is a bad link, and you might disagree, so write that down. People value honesty and if you’re simply regurgitating material, your posts won’t be valued.

> Buzz Words. They still work to a degree, but mostly in house. Most people find themselves reacting adversely to buzz words as they can sometimes feel like sales words and no body likes being sold to. Limit them if you can and only use them when no other words will do.

These tips won’t make you a content marketing guru (buzzword) overnight. But they will definitely set you on your way.

Blog Post by Greg McVey

Net66 SEO: Ride The Content Tsunami with These Tips

Content MarketingContent Marketing first arrived on the scene in early 2012. The technique itself has been around for much longer, it only came to be dubbed Content Marketing at the aforementioned date. The “re-branding” of this technique lead to an explosion of content on the web with everyone desperate to have the next great piece of content go viral.

As with most things, content is subjective. So there was definitely some chalk and chaff mixed with the cheese and wheat. But how are you supposed to sort through this tidal wave of content? There is a way so fear not, read the following tips and you should be fine.

Twitter Lists

Twitter has long offered a way to group tweets from certain people you follow. Using this tool you can group all the people you follow for SEO Updates into one list. Whilst all your followed Web design Tweeple can be grouped into another list. So if you’re looking for something to write a blog on in a certain industry, you’ve got a ready made list to find your muse from.


Much like the Twitter lists, you can group the people who’s pins you follow on to one Pinboard. Then, all you need to do is check your specific boards for specific content updates. It’s simple, easy and will keep you afloat from the swell of other content updates out there.

Google+ Communities

With Google+, you have an advantage of exploring communities where, rather than dedicated to a single industry, you get much more specific communities based on what you might be looking for. So rather than finding yourself looking at a group where everything is to do with online marketing, you can find a nice little community based specifically on local SEO.

Take advantage of these tips and you should find yourself the master of the seven seas of content updates.

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66 News: Pinterest Launches Promoted Pins

Pinterest LogoPinterest has long been a big platform for businesses who specialise in visual and aesthetic practices. The reason being is that you can create your own boards that you can pin images too. There are a lot of reasons to do this and a lot of ways this can help in the marketing of your business.

Say you’re a cake maker, you can publish a pin of your latest cake and add to this image a note describing exactly how you made the cake, and the inspiration behind it. Pinterest was portrayed for a long while as being made up mostly of recipes by bloggers. And having spent time on that site, I can say that there were quite a few recipes out there.

But more and more businesses got on board with Pinterest as the audience grew on there. If you have an image of note, then you could get some major exposure.  This has now been recognised with the introduction of “Promoted Pins”. +1 for alliteration.

It works much in the same way that you’d promote a Facebook Post. You’d offer a payment and your pin will be shown in a prominent position to people with interests relevant to your industry. It seems quite popular as well with one study showing that 25% of online marketers polled said that they would be spending money on promoting pins on Pinterest.

Is your Business on Pinterest? Would you use Promoted Pins?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66 Viral Videos: Interpretive Dance in the Workplace – Resignation and Hiring

So this isn’t strictly SEO or Web Design related. Although you could compare some aspects between the virility of the videos and how you want your own content to go viral.

On Monday the internet was captured by writer Marina Shifrin. She specialises in content writing and producing videos. However she became disillusioned with her job and decided to resign, and not with a letter. Why don’t you have a look at how she decided to resign below:

Quite the mover. What wasn’t expected after this was a response from her former employees announcing that they were hiring. Naturally this wasn’t a formal posting on a jobs board. See their announcement below:

Again, nice moves. Would hire/quit your job with such aplomb?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66 Social Media: Gifs Set to Return to Facebook

Now I bet you’re wondering “what does he mean return?”, but in Facebook’s early days they did indeed allow for Gifs to be posted on Facebook and retain their animation. This is way back when they were battling MySpace for Social Media supremacy. In the midst of this battle however Facebook decided to stop support for Gifs automatically playing on their website.

The reason for this being that MySpace had exploded into reams and reams of sparkly, low grade, clipart-esque gifs for absolutely anything. Personally I didn’t like them as they got so out of hand. I also think Facebook saw this coming and by the time MySpace was drowning in a sea of sparkly names and tinkerbells, Facebook retained it’s clean and “cool” image.

Thus, Facebook edged ahead in the war and the rest is history. But now it looks like Facebook is set to change that history, not, so that we can all have flaming versions of our names on our profile, but because the very nature of gifs has evolved. In the time of the Social Media wars, gifs were very small, often only consisting of a few kilobytes. Gifs these days are images that people use to display their emotions, feelings or thoughts by way of a short animation look.

And Facebook have teamed up with a company called Giphy, who provide us with the gifs that Facebook will support. N.B. Facebook isn’t adding native support for gifs, it will only display them if they come from Giphy. And even then it won’t play them automatically in your news feed, you’ll need to click on them and enter the “theatre” mode to view them. Much in the same way you would view a short video.

Have you tried this yet? Do you think this is a wise move for Facebook or not?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66 News: What Does Google+ Have up its Sleeve? Google Mine?

google-Plus-iconNo not a mine as in the Chilieans or Moria. But Google Mine in the possessive sense. Google’s system blog has recently been giving out information on a service/app that could be used to display your possessions online.

I was a bit wary at first wondering why anyone would want to list their entire life on the internet as a virtual shopping list for anyone unscrupulous enough to want to relieve you of those possessions without your consent. But then I realised no one would want to do this if this is the case so I delved deeper.

It seems by adding certain tags to certain posts, much like meta tags are added to blog posts to describe authorship, will enable you to say whether the item you’ve just posted is for sale, a review or something else.

It’s like a big social soup of ebay, review sites, social media and Gumtree all in one place. You have to admit as well that most people aren’t currently active users of Google+, and that Google need to do something with Google+ to make it worthwhile keeping it going.

I know there was a big recent redesign of Google+ and yes, on face value it’s gorgeous, but it’s still failed to entice the masses. So will Google Mine be the thing to really put Google+ into the mainstream?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66 News: Google Publishership Becoming a Factor in Rankings?

Last night, the SEO world was given a different look at how Publishership could affect websites rankings. Reported on several other SEO Blogs, began to display an authorship profile (see below). As you can see from my own blogs, tagging yourself as rel=”author” allows for your Google+ profile picture to be displayed in the Search Engine Rankings pages.

Google Publisher IconOk, so authorship in a blog isn’t an uncommon thing these things, but what was different about this page was that it contained no Google Authorship Markup. What else became apparent was that there was also no Publishership Markup in their either. So how is this website displaying the Google+ Profile Picture?

It seem’s to be stemming from the Google+ page itself. Because you need to verify you own your website on your Google+ page first, Google could be drawing this information and using it to enhance their search results. Strange though that there is no Mark Up for Authorship or Publishership.

Apparently, shortly after getting noticed, Google pulled this feature from the search results and the website stopped displaying its Google+ profile picture in the results. So this was either a very strange bug in Google’s architecture, or this was Google testing something out.

What do you think?

Blog Post by: Greg McVey

Net66 News: Facebook Gets a new Facelift – News Feed Redesign

In the midst of my usual ritual of getting into work, making a coffee, eyeing a few emails and checking social media, I logged on to Facebook and was met with the screenshot below:


Bookmarks, Ticker and Chat

As you can see it’s a pretty radical change from the news feed we know and are used to. The most obvious changes are to the lateral areas of the page. On the left hand side where you were presented with your favourites, pages, apps and a nice big link to your profile, these have all now changed into what Facebook are calling Bookmarks. They’re presented in a smaller format looking more like App Tiles you get on your phone than links you’re presented with on a desktop platform. The “Ticker” and chat options on the right hand side are functioning the same but, as with the new bookmarks, the background colour has changed from the traditional Facebook light blue/white to the darker colour more associated with the mobile app. A stark change then.

You can still access the breakdown into favourites, pages, apps etc when you go to the very bottom of the Bookmarks list and click the icon with the three dots on it. This opens a little pop-out page which will seem more familiar to you.

News Feed and Options

What next jumped out at me was the size of the actual stories in the news feed. They’re huge and now definitely seem to be the main Feature of the site. Looking back at the previous news feed design, it seems so cramped and busy and I’m instantly warming to the new news feed.

As you scroll down your stories as well, the boxes on the right hand side of the page remain absolute and follow you down the page. I’m presuming this is so that Facebook can still serve advertisements to you, but as the news feed stories are now so large, you won’t begrudge them the space.

You also have much more control over what appears in your news feed with the use of the box in the top right hand corner. You can choose from your regular News Feed (usually customised), all friends, most recent stories, following, groups and even the latest photos, games, music and your custom lists. This makes it so much easier to switch between your different feeds as the previous Facebook only had the option to change between Most Recent and Top Stories.


The toolbar has also been given a nice little revamp. See below for a closer look:


Rather than the flat single colour of the previous toolbar, a gradient has been added. Whilst this is hardly the most taxing of changes, it does add a certain depth to the new toolbar. Especially considering that the background for the search box is now a dark blue colour as opposed to its previous white. The old Facebook logo that was in the top left that redirected you back to the home page has been changed to a simplistic tile, again like the bookmarks option, minimalising options on page.

To the right of the search box and logo you can also see the redesigned Home and Post options along with the notifications for friend requests, messages, notifications and a brilliant little “settings” tab. The reason I prefer this settings tab is that the first option you’re greeted with on clicking it, is to quickly switch between the identities of the Facebook pages you manage and your profile.

A good thing is having the “Post” button on the toolbar now so you can post anytime. I also have to say that this new toolbar looks eerily similar to Twitter’s toolbar.

I’ve uploaded more screenshots of the new Facebook below, feel free to check them out:

Blog Post by: Greg McVey