Net66 SEO: Are Webmasters Afraid to Link Out?

Link building has always been a difficult task at best, but now something that Matt Cutts has said is now making Webmasters even more loathe to link out from their sites.

You should generally link back to your website from other relevant websites, but as a lot of these other websites are also your competitors, it’s a hard bargain to get a link from one of them.

But now, Matt Cutts has come out and said that you should nofollow links from widgets on your site (video at the bottom). This includes all your sidebars and links that appear on every page. This has set a lot of webmasters off in a panic, as a lot of them have been using this technique.

So after this mad rush to get all their widget links nofollowed, website owners are now even more voracious in their support for not linking out. And when they finally do decide to link out, links that would have previously been follow links are now nofollow links.

So are you scared of linking out? Are you nofollowing links more?

Blog Post by Greg McVey